#47 Bridesmaids

#47 Bridesmaids

First of all this movie almost didn’t make the list, because chicks don’t poop. But turning a blind eye to that mythical creature I found an empty slot and an instant classic. Maybe if this movie had been out longer it might had made it higher on the list. But for now we settle in. Not to come off sexist but as a facts man. Truth be told that most of the time females have not found very much success when they go off on their own and try to put together a masterpiece both at the box office and critically speaking. However, they finally have something to be proud of. Off the collar comedy usually is a world meant for the boys. But this comedy done by the girls was managed to maintain its classiness while upending it onto its other side. If the rumors stand true and their is a second one consider me right there in the front row, or lets the middle because in theater terms thats the best spot. Check out the car scene in Bridesmaids.


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