#46 Joe Dirt

#46 Joe Dirt – “You like to see homos naked?”

Talk about somebody doing something with nothing. David Spade has really turned into that trashy cousin that nobody ever wants to admit is apart of the family but kind of have to because he is always around. There was a moment when Chris Farley died that David Spade really could have become irrelevant, but showcasing his true ability as a comedian he gave us a instant classic in the movie Joe Dirt. With this movie,  David really showed us that he wasn’t a shadow to Chris Farley’s reality, that the two of them really were indeed a two man show. Joe Dirt is one of those great pieces of comedic work that just stuck. “I mean life’s a garden, dig it.” If this comedy wasn’t deserving of being in the top 50 it wouldn’t still have the staying power that it does to this day. We all know that when we see this show up on Comedy Central at a random 1:00 on a sunday and there’s no football on and there is absolutely NOTHING else to do. You know you watch it. So watch this clip of a hilarious movie.



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