#42 Austin Powers 2 – The Spy Who Shagged Me

#42 Austin Powers 2 – “Throw me a frickin bone here”

Mike Myers really is one of those guys who in my opinion doesn’t get enough credit in the comedy world. If you think about the success that this man has had with his hilarious gimmicks and voice work for all of the Shrek sequels. His resume might be hard to compete with if you take all of that into consideration. When Austin Powers – International Man of Mystery came out it was so different than anything we had seen him do before. It really was an instant classic because it played as a spoof off of the James Bond films. Because of its success it was inevitable that sequels would follow. Austin Powers 2 – The Spy Who Shagged Me was so over the top hilarious at every given moment of the movie that you almost have to pop it in and watch it all over again just to appreciate how non stop the laughs were in that film. We forget that Will Ferrell played a character named Mustafa and Rob Lowe is the younger #2 when they go back in time. This movie also has in my opinion the best of the Power girls in Heather Graham, but that I agree this can be debatable. This movie will make you laugh and laugh again. Like this clip of the famous song, Just the two of us.



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