#45 Clerks

#45 Clerks – “My girlfriends sucked 37 Dicks”

For a man who speaks so little in his films. His movies speak volumes. Master of all things dialogue, Kevin Smith really knows how to relay the common degenerate perfectly onto paper and carry that over to the screen. In the movie Clerks, Kevin Smith really found a way to capture what the common everyday man thinks and talks about with his friends. In this film we follow a man who is working his shift at a convenient store and we happen to gather things about his life with the situation occurrences that happen throughout the film. The reason this film worked especially in black and white is because we were so captivated by the material that was being spoken by the characters that we couldn’t dare turn it off. The scene that I wanted you to watch is a particular scene where the Main Characters (Dante) girlfriend delivers the news of how many men she has been with. Mix that awkward moment with a party store location and you have complete and utter hilarity.


#46 Joe Dirt

#46 Joe Dirt – “You like to see homos naked?”

Talk about somebody doing something with nothing. David Spade has really turned into that trashy cousin that nobody ever wants to admit is apart of the family but kind of have to because he is always around. There was a moment when Chris Farley died that David Spade really could have become irrelevant, but showcasing his true ability as a comedian he gave us a instant classic in the movie Joe Dirt. With this movie,  David really showed us that he wasn’t a shadow to Chris Farley’s reality, that the two of them really were indeed a two man show. Joe Dirt is one of those great pieces of comedic work that just stuck. “I mean life’s a garden, dig it.” If this comedy wasn’t deserving of being in the top 50 it wouldn’t still have the staying power that it does to this day. We all know that when we see this show up on Comedy Central at a random 1:00 on a sunday and there’s no football on and there is absolutely NOTHING else to do. You know you watch it. So watch this clip of a hilarious movie.


#47 Bridesmaids

#47 Bridesmaids

First of all this movie almost didn’t make the list, because chicks don’t poop. But turning a blind eye to that mythical creature I found an empty slot and an instant classic. Maybe if this movie had been out longer it might had made it higher on the list. But for now we settle in. Not to come off sexist but as a facts man. Truth be told that most of the time females have not found very much success when they go off on their own and try to put together a masterpiece both at the box office and critically speaking. However, they finally have something to be proud of. Off the collar comedy usually is a world meant for the boys. But this comedy done by the girls was managed to maintain its classiness while upending it onto its other side. If the rumors stand true and their is a second one consider me right there in the front row, or lets the middle because in theater terms thats the best spot. Check out the car scene in Bridesmaids.

#48 Stripes

#48 Stripes

Ah Yes, Bill Murray at his best. The little smart talking, rebel that is Bill Murray. We all have grown to the love his antics and rants throughout the years but none better than when he was put up against the United States Army. What makes for a better marriage than the most disciplinary group of individuals in the entire world combined with the most undisciplined individual. Answer is none other. This light on its feet comedy had plenty of other comedians in it to sprinkle in just the right amount of spice to the recipe. Spices such as John Candy, Harold Ramis, and Warren Oates. Check out Bill Murray at his best with the speech.

#49 South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

#49 South Park

Since a show like the Simpsons could come about and be a prime time hit and for adults nonetheless, it gave way to shows like the Beavis and Butthead, Family Guy, and South Park. Most of us can say that without the Simpsons there would never have been Beavis and Butthead, if not for Beavis and Butthead there would have never been South Park and so on and so on. As the animated world got more and more popular it seemed the market for a movie was just about due. Beavis and Butthead had their attempt 3 years prior but in 1999 SouthParks: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut was placed in front of us with a chance to view and 83 million dollars later this story was history. I mean what’s not funny about a group of 3rd grade kids whose language is used by that of their authorities, their behavior is degenerate for even kids, and an going tale of “OMG, You Killed Kenny.” The movie itself worked because they mixed musical numbers in with a good ole fashion story making it an adventure for all to share. Check out one of those musical numbers.


#50 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

#50 Ferris Buellers Day Off

Bueller. Bueller. If your a living and breathing organism than you have seen the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. There is not one person alive who attended high school that didnt want to pull off some of the stunts that Matthew Brodericks character was able to pull off. Skipping school, catching a ballgame, pretending to be the sausage king of Chicago, hit a museum, and sing one the greatest musical pieces ever orchestrated for a cinematic movie. All this, and still have time to make it home to fool your parents and put the exclamation mark on the day. This movie makes the list because its one of the most recognizable movies of all time, its comes in at #50 because there are 49 others that are funnier. Check out that classic singing scene.

#1 Daniel Day Lewis

#1 Daniel Day Lewis  

“If I weren’t allowed this outlet, there wouldn’t be a place for me in society.” These are the spoken words of Daniel Day Lewis, paying reckon to his own self truth. Basically summing it up to, “I was born to do this.” I have read that only a true artist graces us with only masterpieces and that is why we see them and then they vanish into the night for years and years to come, only to appear again with another masterpiece.  But the thing that makes a true artist special, is the notion of never being satisfied with ones own work. Complacency doesn’t exist, nor does the satisfaction of settling. This has never been more true than it has for Daniel Day Lewis. The man has won 2 oscars and has made less than 25 films. My Left Foot and There Will Be Blood are the films that gave him those honors. The most recent and more favorable oscar performance came to us in 2007 when he portrayed a oil man in Daniel Plainview. If you have never seen this performance, stop everything your doing and allow yourself the 158 minutes of what can only be described as the perfection in the human form. He has done dramatic acting better than anyone before him and dare I say after him. His performance in Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York was just robbed of what would have been his 3rd oscar, playing Bill the Butcher, which is in my opinion is one of the top 5 greatest villains of all time. The only thing I can wish as a fan of his is that he does keep making movies and the right kinds. I believe I am going to get that in the near future as he will more than likely receive his third oscar for starring in a movie entitled, “Lincoln.” Check out a piece of his performance in There Will Be Blood.